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Kitchen roll 500 gr.

Product code : 4063

Kitchen roll 500 gr.

Manufacturer: Endless

Description: 2-plykitchen rolls made of white tissue paper. The waterproofing agent gives them very good strength and exceptional hygroscopicity. Thanks to the new technology for core production the kitchen paper can be pulled both from the core of the roll (i.e. from the inside) and from the outside.

Material type: white tissue papermass

Number of plies: 2

Roll weight: 500 gr.

Roll length: 60 m

Number of perforations: 300

Roll height: 20.5 cm

Outer diameter of the roll: 13 cm

Inner diameter of the core: 5.6 cm

Sheet measurements: 20.5x20 cm

Number of rolls per pack: 12 units

Price per roll

Price: 2,90 BGN (excluding VAT)