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About us

„Tri Sigmi Ltd.“ is a company registered in Bulgaria since 1991.

Until 1998 it has been the sole representative of the Greek companies „Ronel S.A.“, „Ronil S.A.“, „Nezo S.A.“ having their headquarters in Thessaloniki. The three companies have been leading the production of paper and hygiene products in Northern Greece.

Since 1999 „Tri Sigmi Ltd.“ is the sole and exclusive representative of the Greek company „Eurohartiki AEBE“ which has its headquarters in Athens. The company is among the 250 biggest Greek companies and its production is orientated mainly towards paper and hygiene products for the professional sphere, i.e. offices, production premises, restaurants, hotels, health centres, etc. as well as towards retail sales.

„Tri Sigmi Ltd.“ has over 800 clients having as guiding principles for its business cooperation the loyalty, correctness and high quality of the offered range of products.


Some of its main clients are:

- Office One Superstore
- Office Express Service
- Ramos 2
- Corporate Trade Bank
- Trade Bank „Allianz Bulgaria“
- Motorola Bulgaria
- Markan Ltd.
- Executive Agency for Small and Medium Businesses
- Chipita S.A.
- Dika Style Ltd.
- Miss Caprice Commerce S.A.
- Porsche BG
- Каmor Auto
- Kirov S.A.
- The British Embassy in Bulgaria
- Bench-mark Group S.A.
- Sheinovo hospital
- Sofia's „Parva gradska“ hospital
- Sofia's „Transportna“ hospital
- Sofia's Cancer Treatment Hospital
- Chaika farm S.A.
- The American University
- My Day Ltd.


Our partners are:

Eurohartiki AEBE

Megaport-M OOD

Extrapak OOD

Belopaper EOOD

Paper Converting EOOD


Axon Bulgaria EOOD

Orbico Bulgaria EOOD

Niko-86 OOD

Alma Libre EOOD

Agarta EOOD