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Selling agent

- Job description: work for young and abitious people

- Branch: Trade in bulk with paper, hygiene and cleaning products and dispensers

- Work place: Sofia

- Working hours: full-time work

- Level: unqualified personnel

- Salary: variable, depending on the turnover

- The company offers: job courses, opportunities for development

Please, send your CV to:

The approved candidates will be called in for an interview.



Become distributors of the most trustworthy trademark “ENDLESS”! Your potential clients are office buildings, industrial premises, hotels, kindergardens, schools, universities, medical centres, restaurants, gyms, cosmetic studios, car services, hair dressing and beauty saloons, shops etc.

Look around you and see how many potential clients you have not noticed.

The high commission rate up to 10% gives the opportunity for development and receiving distributors' rights for a given region.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on the e-mai address: